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Gsm is the short form of global system for mobile communications. It provide connection to the external packet data network through the gsm infrastructure with short access time to the network. Pdf an integrated iot architecture for smart metering. A gprs network is composed of the following network nodes.

The additional of packet data with gprs required additional network entities to be added. Utran short for universal terrestrial radio access network is a collective term for the network and equipment that connects mobile handsets to the public telephone network or the internet. Gprs also permits the network operators to execute an internet protocol ip based core architecture for integrated voice and data applications, which continues. It manages call set up function, routing and basic. General packet radio service gprs is a enhancement of gps, which is packet oriented mobile data service on the 2g and 3g cellular communication system. Gprs general packet radio service a packet oriented data service for ip and x. In this architecture, ms, bss, mobile switching centervisitor location register mscvlr and home location register hlr in the existing gsm network are modified. It delivers packets to the mss and communicates with the hlr to obtain the gprs. This data network overlaps a secondgeneration gsm network providing packet data transport at the rates from 9.

Packet control unit pcu serving gprs support node sgsn. Besides an overview on the basic concept, network architecture, and protocols of gprs, this article discusses the performance the end user porcoives when. Gprs is the essential enabler for alwayson data connection for applications such as web browsing and pushtotalk over cellular. Gprs network infrastructure gprs introduces a number of new functional elements that support the end to end transport of ip based packet data. It was the combination of these two network elements that provided the basis for the 3g umts network architecture. Gprs enables voice and data flow through the network. Additionally, multiple users can share the same air. Within the same gprs network, sgsnsggsns are connected through the gn interface. The gprs core network is the central part of the general packet radio service gprs which allows 2g, 3g and wcdma mobile networks to transmit ip packets to external networks such as the internet. Gprs was developed by the gsm standards bodies, resulting in a system with defined functionality, interfaces and inter network operation for roaming support. Umts network is called a third generation network 3g.

General packet radio service gprs 79 packetswitched networks, and is connected with sgsns via an ipbased gprs backbone network. The bss and the sgsn are connected by the gb interface with frame relay. The access network, called umts terrestial radio network utran, consists of base stations and base stations controllers. Gprs system architecture in order to integrate gprs into the existing gsm architecture, a new class of network nodes, called gprs support nodes gsn, has been introduced 8. You can easily clear job interviews and college exams with these objective questions. However, its packet data channels, packet data switching, and transport network are different from that of gsm. It has an open, distributed architecture the separation of switching and service control functions full use of ss7 as the signaling infrastructure its clearly defined and specified interfaces the nature of its in structure general packet radio service gprs. Along with the packet data transport the gsm network accommodates multiple users to share. This gsm tutorial covers gsm basics, gsm architecture and gsm system features. An integrated iot architecture for smart metering article pdf available in ieee communications magazine 5412. We describe the gprs network nodes and the interfaces among these nodes.

Tinnirello gn iu ps ip backbone internet sgsn auc eir ggsn sgsn gmsc and ggsn remain the same aucis upgraded more security features in 3g. The ms and the bss communicates through the um interface. Umts network composed of three main parts ue user equipment,radio access network ran and core network. It involves three main subsystems, each containing functional units and interconnected with the others through a series of standard interfaces. Base station subsystem gprs protocol control plane. Signalling from a gsn to a msc, hlr or eir is done using ss7. The gprs network aims to transfer data and signaling in an efficient manner, and optimize the use of network and radio resources. Gprs the existing network architecture will be expanded, since both types of application circuit switched cs and packet switched ps.

Gprs architecture works on the same procedure like gsm network, but, has additional entities that. Gprs network architecture gprs network architecture. Gprs architecture works on the same procedure like gsm network, but, has additional entities that allow packet data transmission. Study these interview mcq questions and answers on 2g3g gprs architecture interfaces and protocols. Le sgsn est relie par des liens frame relay au soussysteme radio gsm. The critical part in the gprs network is the mobile to gsn mssgsn link which includes the msbts, btsbsc, bscsgsn, and the sgsnggsn link. Upgraded version of gateway gprs support node telcom 2720 25 core network. Gprs network architecture overlays additional elements ggsn, sgsn, etc onto the gsm architecture to give the packet data capability.

Gprs architecture in general packet radio service gprs. This basic tutorial on gsm architecture also covers gsm burst types, gsm frame structure, gsm channels, gsm physical layer and so on. The part of the network that is accessed via the sgsn is often referred to as the ps domain. The gprs system is an integrated part of the gsm network switching subsystem the network provides mobility management, session management and transport for internet protocol packet services in. This data overlay network provides packet data transport at rates from 9. When sgsn and ggsn are in different gprs networks, they are intercon. Most of these mechanisms have been originally designed for gsm, but they have been modified to adapt to the packetoriented traffic nature and the gprs network components.

Etsi 2g global system for mobile communication gsm. Gprs network architecture gprs s packet data network is overlaid on the gsm network. Packet controlling unit pcu can be compared to trau function in gsm generally located in the bsc heart of the packet transmission in bss network allow the dynamic traffic allocation provide the radio resource management mechanism, adapted to packet. Core network gsm gprs based iu cs pstn msc vlr gmsc hlr changes in the core network. We focus in what follows on the gprs network architecture and functionality.

A 3g mobile network offers good download and upload speeds. There are various systems with distinct functionalities. Gsm explain gsm architecture with a neat block diagram. Various technologies fall under umts based on different releases from 3gpp community. We first describe the gprs architecture, then elaborate on gprs nodes and the. The gp interface is between two gsns in different plmns. Gsns are responsible for the delivery and routing of data packets between the figure 1. The gprs system brings some new network elements to an existing gsm network. Ggsn and the sgsn collect charging information on usage of the gprs network resources. Lte 4g network architecture lte core network mobile. Gi interfacereference point between a gprs umts network and an external packet data network pdn. General packet radio service gprs the general packet radio service gprs, adds packetswitched functionality to gsm tm, which is essentially circuit switched.

Umts stands for universal mobile telecommunications system, developed based on 3gpp standards. Gprs network in 3g is similar to that of the 2g gsm network. It provide connection to the external packet data network through the gsm infrastructure with short access time to the network for independent short packets. Umtsgprs system overview from an ip addressing perspective. Study these interview mcq questions and answers on 3g umts wcdma network architecture and interfaces. Mobile communication networks andreas mitschelethiel, florian evers 20 gprs protocol architecture appl. The aim of this paper is to understand the architecture of the gprs and focus primarily on the issue come up while migrating from existing gsm network to that. Gprs architecture interfaces and protocols interview mcq.

Umts architecture wcdma local area network server router local area network server router corporate 2 corporate 1 intraplmn backbone network ip based serving gprs support node sgsn gateway gprs support node ggsn gprs infrastructure hlr auc msc rnc node b packet networkpstn packet ss7network network packet network data network. The structure of a gsm network relies on several functional entities, which have been specified in terms of functions and interfaces. Along with the packet data transport the gsm network accommodates multiple users to share the same. Umts works on wcdma, cdma2000 and tdscdma implementations by 3gpp. Pcu packet control unit is responsible for a number of gprs related functions, such as access control, packet. Security measures and weaknesses of the gprs security.

The general packet radio system gprs is a new service that allows real packet radio approach for mobile global system for mobile communications gsm and timedivision multiple access tdma users gprs seminar ppt with pdf report. Pdf advanced methods in gprs network analysis researchgate. Below are the changes that are made to the existing gsm network elements to work for gprs. Gsns within the same public land mobile network plmn in a gprs umts network. It manages communication between gsm and other networks. The radio access network changed considerably as a completely new radio interface was used based around the use of cdma. An overview of the 3g network umts can in many aspects be looked upon as an extension to gsm and gprs. Wireless internet access based on gprs ieee personal. Figure 1 shows the gprs network nodes and the corresponding interfaces, where sms. The greatest changes are related to the access part of the network. To allow the gprs network to provide the packet data capability additional network entities are required to be added to the overall architecture two of the main entities are the ggsn and sgsn.

The gprs network architecture has to be compatible with future 3rd and 4th generation mobile communication systems. Msc is upgraded to 3g msc sgsn is upgraded to 3g 3gpp rel. Pdf student gprs architecture giacomo benelli academia. Gsm network elements are re used in gprs but with some new network elements, interfaces and protocols for handling packet traffic. Gprs system architecture the gprs is an enhancement over the gsm and adds some nodes in the network to provide the packet switched services. Gprs architecture mobile communication notes explaining. Pdf network operators need up to date information about the status of their network in order to improve. The ims architecture as defined by the 3gpp standards is an allpacket core network that creates an accessagnostic environment to deliver a wide range of multimedia services that a user can access using any device or network connection. Critical for identification of the potential sources of evidence in every network forensics investigation is the definition of the system architecture. Characteristics of gprs gprs architecture support nodes of gprs network enhancements gprs interface security 3.

Routing area gprs introduces the concept of a routing area. Gprs provided a packet data capability for the 2g cellular systems, enabling the evolution of gsm to provide a data capability. These network nodes are called gsns gprs support nodes and are responsible for the routing and delivery of the data packets to and form the ms and external packet data networks pdn. Pdf architecture of gprs and its capability comparison with hsdpa.

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