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I thought the ntk is a hollower sound, where the gt66 is rounder and more pleasing for my vocals. Big bottom, very dynamic, most powerful in its class. I was just up at the groove tubes corporate officesproduction center this past week and picked up a mic to demo. Sterling audio st66 condenser mic groove tubes gt66. Dec 12, 2006 this mic is a pretty standard large diaphragm condenser made by groove tubes. This tube was originally intended to be produced here. The tube list at esrc1 vacuum tubes is very extensive, as is our inventory of vacuum tubes, grid caps, sockets, valves and capacitors. I find it easier to eq, not as bright as the ntk, but im able to brighten it to taste and achieve a more satisfying sound than by boosting mids on the ntk.

Groove tubes gte34ls power tubes medium quartet sweetwater. I did have a chance to hear the gt66 tube and the gt67 tube on location and for me the model 1b was the sound ive been looking to demo on my voice. See more groove tubes legacy mic owners manuals gt44 owners manual. Groove tubes kt88sv quad new exclusive gt design with special heat wings attached to plate for more power, longer life, and better tone. They are usually known for their nice guitar amp tubes, but they recently have put out a few respectable mics and preamps. Groove tubes gt66 large diaphragm cardioid tube condenser. When i bought my mesa boogie strategy 500 power amp in 2006, it came with all new gt 6l6, 6550, 12az7 tubes, with the 6l6s being the ge reissue. I have svenlana 6l6gcs in there now that sound pretty good and dont put really any load on the filiment winding.

Both are outstanding imho and easily hold there own against an ntk which is about equal in sound quality i think. Please note that kt66 draws more heater current than 6l6. The gtel34ls power tubes quartet features an exclusive groove tubes design with special heat wings attached to the plate for more power, longer life, and better tone. I was told by guitar center that the sterling audio st66 condenser mic is equivalent to the groove tubes gt66 and that the mics are made by the same mfr aspen pittman. New groove tubespremium preamp tubes12ax7 gtecc83sthese do not come in the original boxesi have 5 of these which are all brand new and taken out of 2 brand new fender blues deluxe reissues one of my birthday gifts this year was 6 nos rca tubes from the 60s and so i pulled th.

Groove tubes gt6l6ge gold series medium output power. Groove tubes gt66 cardioid tube condenser microphone. Youll notice a notch on the bottom of each that corresponds with the socket and thats where they need to be lined back up when putting the new tubes in, and you might as well do the old socket cleaning trick by spraying some electrical contact spray onto one of the tubes pins and working the tube pins in and out of each socket a few times to. Groove tubes gtel84r russian power tube medium duet. Groove tubes gt 12ax7c preamp tube gt 12ax7 c tubes pass every groove tubes premium certification for microphonics, hum, physical characteristics and function. Groove tubes gte34ls pentode check out the power of this gt exclusive tube we introduced more than 12 years ago in a special partnership exclusive with the folks at tesla, the factory now called jj. Groove tubes gt6l6ge pentode this is our flagship gt tube, the one we spent nearly 4 years developing from scratch after purchasing the original general electric design, the original rca grid winding machines that made this tube, and tons of the original materials. Gt is financially involved with the jj factory and the main tube factory in china. Groove tubes are awesome, and since the base jj tube has excellent characteristics, but can need to be selected for best quality, i am happy that groove tubes tested the tube before it got to me. Groove tubes 1 premium 12ax7 gtecc83s 2016 clear reverb.

This el34 provides a big bottom, and its very dynamic in addition to being the most powerful tube in its class. Groove tubes gt 66 tube studio condencer mic thanks. I would not choose an ntk over a 6667 unless the source called for it. Gt66 tube condenser microphone gt66 specifications preamp topology low noise tube based class a design tube type seleted lownoise gt6205musa polar pattern fixed cardioid high pass filter switchable 75hz,12dboctave attenuation pad switchable 10db frequency response 20hz 20khz equivalent noise 23db spl a. Groove tubes gold series gtel34m matched power tubes medium. They were built around the el37 mullard that you cant find for under several hundered for a quad. Bulk pricing and 0% financing for your groove tubes gtel84r russian power tube medium duet.

Groove tubes gt66 mod gearslutz pro audio community. Where can i find a user manual for a groove tubes supre stereo preamp. These pass every groove tubes premium certification for microphonics, hum, physical characteristics and function. The flagship gt67 is a multipattern condenser mic with valve electronics, with. Kt66 has been used in high end audio amps in europe, as well as in the legendary marshall bluesbreaker combo amps in the 196070s. The groove tubes 6l6c are a remake of the chinese 6l6 that has a shimmery and articulate sound that is not too compressed. Rough terrain crane specifications rt600 series cranes. Groove tubes gt6l6chp pentode our most recent release of a totally redesigned 6l6c featuring addition of pure nickel carborized black plate construction, this is the same material used on the classic rca black plate versions of the 50s. Feb 23, 2003 lastly, i tried the gt66, which to me sounds more realistic and more solid than the ntk. We offer some of the most comprehensive testing facilities available today. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Here is the link to the musicains friend listing for the sterling audio st66.

Quite simply the best 9pin triode preamp tubes you can buy specifically designed and tested for musical instrument amplification and standard equipment on fender amps. Tubes free delivery possible on eligible purchases. It interchanges with any el34 application and puts out about 1520% more power. Groove tubes 6l6 duet a mediumoutput power tube generally 2025 watts often used in fender professional amplifiers including the fender bassman, bandmaster, concert, dual showman, hot rod series, pro series, super reverb, tremolux, twin, vibrolux, supersonic, blues deluxe, blues deville and others. My music reference rm9 is getting ready for a new set of tubes, and i was.

It also has great tone and it remains one of our best selling tubes. The ge is a faithful reproduction of the original clear top 6l6. Rough terrain crane rt600 series multiposition out and down outriggers fully independent hydraulic outriggers may be utilized fully extended to 24. The gt66 is a largediaphragm tube condenser, with a fixed cardioid polar pattern. The flagship of the gt 6l6 line, it looks and sounds exactly like the original g. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a widespanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Follow the links on the left to find the tubes, valves, sockets, grid caps, and capacitors for your antique radio, ham radio, hifi stereo, or other electronic piece. If you look at a jj e34l and hold the gt version next to it, you will see the gt tube has a more massive plate assembly, with welded heat sinks on the plates. It used a subminiature gt6205m tube, which we believe was a pentode, wired as a triode in a class a circuit. Thank you for your purchase of a highquality groove tubes. Groove tubes gt6l6ge gold series medium output power tubes. Get the guaranteed best price on power tubes like the groove tubes gold series gtel34m matched power tubes at musicians friend. The groove tubes gt66 is a tube condenser microphone that employs. The groove tubes gt66 valve mic with its psm1 power supply.

The groove tubes 6v6r is a designed after the russian 6v6, it has a more aggressive, thick powered tone. Further improving the design, we added gts exclusive heat sink wings to the plate assembly. Mark ewing the gt66 is a chunky microphone with a matt nickel finish it weighs about 530g and measures 47mm in diameter and 190mm in length. Tooling was specifically designed by groove tubes for some of these tubes. I decided to retube that amp in 2016, and bought jj tubes to do so. It is a good choice for those who are considering 6l6 upgrades. Get the guaranteed best price on power tubes like the groove tubes gold series gtkt66c matched power tubes at musicians friend. I love this teslaequipment, carpathian mountainbuilt tube. Discussion in audio hardware started by mindbender, jun 19. Compared with the gt ges, the jjs sound extremely compressed, sterile, thin, and dark, and washedout of colour. Groove tubes gold series gtkt66c matched power tubes. Buy groove tubes gt6l6ge medium duet amplifier tube. Gold series gt12at7 preamp tube the groove tubes gt12at7 preamp tube is manufactured to the highest quality jan spec. In general, kt66s tends to have a bit warmer sound with more low end.

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