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Pharmacognostical studies on ficus racemosa stem bark. Ficus benghalensis is an evergreen tree with a wide, spreading crown. This is a remix of touhou 8 imperishable nights stage 5 boss theme original. Therefore, this complex pollination system minimizes the chance for this species to spread out following deliberate introduction starr et al. Host identity and phylogeny shape the foliar endophytic. Herbal extract ficus racemosa restores the damages of. Hepatoprotective effects of ficus racemosa stem bark against carbon tetrachlorideinduced hepatic damage in albino rats. The present study was carried out to investigate the thrombolytic and antimitotic potentiality of various extracts of fruits of ficus glomerata, a traditional medicinal plant, using an in vitro assay method.

And even though this cousin of the edible fig is a tropical plant, it survives in a wide variety of conditions. Analgesic and antiinflammatory activity of ficus glomerata in animal models 1503 table 1 effect of ficus glomerata fruit extracts on carageenaninduced paw edema in rats. Antioxidant activities of ficus glomerata moraceae leaf gall extracts. This plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below. However, it should be noted that the milky sap produced by these plants can cause a skin rash or irritation. Ficus lyrata hawaiian ecosystems at risk project hear. Antioxidant, drug, ficus glomerata, gallic acid, galls, metabolic. Piperaceae, kurumulaku, fresh leaves, stem formulation 6 1 adhatoda vasica nees acanthaceae. Trunk massive, fluted, bark grey, smooth, young softly white puberulous.

Ficus glomerata dye gave best results on wool fabric with 3% dye concentration, 90 minutes dyeing time and 90c dyeing temperature. Family moraceae is a large deciduous tree dispersed all over india which is generally known as gular, gular fig, cluster fig or country fig. Pharmaceutical activities of ficus species analgesic pain reliever. Among the assorted species of ficus that were included in our search, f.

Most species prefer perhumid forest, but several are found in areas with a monsoon climate and in teak forest, including locations where the soil dries out. Ficus retusa cubanlaurel page 3 a wonderful shade tree on large properties. Ficus normally found growing along streams or rivers. Ficus racemosa is a large deciduous evergreen tree growing to a height of 2025 meters. The fruit normally found in clusters on the trunk and branches of the tree, they are pink or red in colour, when mature and round in shape. Ficus proves itself a versatile and tough houseplant. The pollinator wasp has been introduced to a number of places where the tree is cultivated, including hawaii, allowing this species to spread beyond initial plantings. Ficus racemosa, ficus glomerata, cluster fig, gular. Keywords ficus racemosa, biological activity, phytopharmacology. Moraceae is an evergreen, moderate to largesized spreading, lactiferous, deciduous tree 1518 m high, without prominent aerial roots varier, 1995. Ficus is an exceptionally large pantropical genus with over 700 species berg, 1989 distributed widely throughout the warmer parts of asia, africa, america. Groups treatment paw volume diff after 3 hrsin ml % inhibition i control 0.

The results in the present study showed that the extracts of ficus glomerata have mild to moderate antimitotic and clot lysis activity. Ficus palmata commonly known as bedu or punjab fig is one of the tallest wild fig commonly found in uttarakhand in midhimalayan region. Lunatic eyes invisible full moon, done by liz triangle arranged by kaztora, lyrics by azuki, vocals by lilyan. In the konckans, the natives sometimes eat the fruit which outwardly resembles the common fig. Pdf antibacterial activity of fruits of ficus glomerata researchgate. Ficus racemosa moraceae is a popular medicinal plant in india, which has long been used in ayurveda, the ancient system of indian medicine for various diseasesdisorders including diabetes, liver disorders, diarrhoea, inflammatory conditions, hemorrhoids, respiratory and urinary diseases.

Ficus species are common and form an important element of lowland rain forest, both as canopy and understorey trees. Ficus microcarpa is a popular ornamental tree grown widely in many tropical regions of the world. Pdf antihyperglycemic and hypoglycemic effect of ficus. Watson2 introduction often seen as an interior container plant, rubber tree has large, 5 to 12inchlong, thick, glossy evergreen leaves, multiple trunks, and a spreading, irregular canopy fig. Different parts of plant shows antibacterial, antitussive, anthelmintic, antidiarrhoeal, anticancer, antiinflammatory activities etc. The ficus glomerata fibres were extracted and scoured using sodium hydroxide. Medicinal plants have great importance in the field of therapeutics, to treat various severe ailments. Youll find a form to suit your needs among growth habits ranging from creeping vine to giant tree. Analgesic activity of the leaf extract of ficus glomerata roxb. Popularly known as the cluster fig tree or goolar gular fig, this is native to australasia, southeast asia and the indian subcontinent. A marked rise in fasting blood glucose level observed in. The bark is also reported to have been dried and ground into flour.

Pdf hypoglycemic activity of ficus glomerata in alloxan. Within 3 to 5 years the ficus tree forms a deep root system that stabilizes the soil. Udumbara, cluster fig ficus glomerata practical uses. Ficus racemosa has various synonyms like udumbara udumbara is considered sacred to god dattaguru, yajnanga, yajniya, yajnayoga, yajnyasara, gular, cluster fig tree, country fig tree etc. The other is a paper published in 1970 in which researchers grafted figs onto four different ficus species. One such plant which has number of traditional uses is ficus racemosa linn.

It is known as cluster fig tree in english and ambar in hindi and it belongs to the family moraceace 1. Pharmaceutical properties of indian species of ficus. The university of minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Department of agriculture agricultural research service. Breast milk secretion, asthma, bronchitis, cough, piles, diarrhoea, cancer. Clot lysis and antimitotic study of ficus glomerata roxb. The study was aimed to evaluate the dose dependent antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of dried bark of ficus glomerata by site specific and non site specific antioxidant activity. Its glossy leaves grow in a variety of colors and patterns. Antihyperglycemic activity of ficus glomerata stem edun lq vwuhswrrwrflq lqgxfhg gldehwlf udwv oredo 3kdupdfro 2008. A study on traditional mother care plants of rural. Us8788718b2 multiple display network supporting hdmicec. The plant is a large deciduous tree distributed all over india from outer himalayan ranges, punjab, khasia mountain, chota nagpur, bihar, orissa, west bengal, rajasthan, deccan and common in south india1. Udumbara is well known drug for its use since ancient times. In times of scarcity, the unripe fruit is pounded, mixed with flour and made into cakes.

The fruit stains cars and sidewalks and can be generally messy on paved and other hard surfaces. Ficus glomerata home of aravindh herbal lab pvt limited. The wasp larvae feed on shortstyled female flowers or, in the male figs of the dioecious species, on specialized gall sterile female flowers. Ficus lyrata fiddle leaf fig moraceae forest starr, kim starr, and lloyd loope united states geological surveybiological resources division haleakala field station, maui, hawaii january, 2003 overview ficus lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig, is cultivated in hawaii. The significant average percent of clot lysis is observed due to methanol extract 47. Moraceae earlier this plant was placed in family urticaceae but according to the modern views it should be placed in a separate family moraceae which is. Watson2 introduction this is a huge tree growing to 60 feet tall and 60 to 70 feet wide fig. It was found that suitable concentration and time duration for scouring with sodium hydroxide was 3 percent and 60 minutes. The plant usually begins life as an epiphyte, growing in the branch of another tree. Gall induced leaves of ficus glomerata were collected and authenticated by dr. In addition, it drops leaves which quickly decay to provide both soil cover and manure thereby. One of the medicinal plant known as udumbara or audumbar. Moraceae earlier this plant was placed in family urticaceae but according to the modern views it should be placed in a separate family moraceae which is separated from family urticaceae. This was tested in normal and streptozotocin stz induced diabetic rats, using oral administration of 50% and 70% methanol extract.

The galls were cleaned with distilled water, dried and crushed into fine powder by using electric grinder. Ficus repens ficus religiosa bo tree or sacred fig. Following berg, ficus is currently classified into six subgenera, that is, pharmacosycea, urostigma, sycomorus, ficus, sycidium, and synoecia. Popularly known as the audumbar, cluster fig tree, indian fig tree or goolar gular. Ficus racemosa in the germplasm resources information network grin, u. This is a tropical species of fig whose fruit may be eaten. Ficus glomerata which is a synonym for ficus racemosa, ficus cocculifolia, ficus gnaphalocarpa, and ficus palmata. Kumbhar st et al ijrap 35, sep oct 2012 706 research article.

Ficus racemose popularly known as the audumbar, cluster fig tree, indian fig tree or goolar gular which is also called as ficus glomerata roxb, is a plant. The main purpose of ficus based agroforestry is to protect the soil from erosion. Popularly known as the cluster fig tree, indian fig tree or goolar gular fig, this is native to australia, malaysia, indochina and the indian subcontinent. Ficus racemosa also called as ficus glomerata roxb. Sundararajan at center for advanced studies in biology, jain university, bangalore, india, and the voucher specimen juruv74 was conserved in the herbarium. Effect of ficus glomerata leaf extract on fasting blood glucose level in diabetic rats table 1 ethanolic extract of ficus glomerata leaves was subjected to antidiabetic activity in rats where alloxan monohydrate 120 mgkg b. Plant details information about ficus racemosa plant. This document is enh411, one of a series of the environmental horticulture department, ufifas extension. Ficus racemosa mollis barrett ficus racemosa miquelii corner ficus lucescens bl. Nov 21, 2009 this is a remix of touhou 8 imperishable nights stage 5 boss theme original. Ficus henrici king ficus glomerata mollis king ficus glomerata miquelii king ficus glomerata elongata king ficus glomerata chittagonga king ficus glomerata roxb. Figs are present at some stage of development throughout the year within nearly all populations of ficus, thus ensuring the survival of the fig wasps, which are shortlived after leaving the figs.

Ficus citrifolia, shortleaf fig 2 allergen though related to mulberries known allergens, members of the fig genus are typically not allergy inducing, causing few to no allergies. Range of shades were obtained with three different natural henna leaves, pomegranate rind and tea leaves and synthetic ferrous sulphate, alum and tannic acid mordants and were evaluated on the basis of colour. India bombay presidency and uttar pradesh, balrampur region. Unripe fruit dried and ground into flour for breadsic chapati. An ficus racemosa in nahilalakip ha genus nga ficus, ngan familia nga moraceae. Ficus glomerata roxb moraceae, commonly known as cluster fig, is used widely in indian folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Analgesic and antiinflammatory activity of ficus glomerata. In india, the tree and its fruit are called gular in the north. Ficus glomerata famine foods plants that are not normally considered as crops are consumed in times of famine purdue university, west lafayette, indiana. Dec 16, 2015 the other is a paper published in 1970 in which researchers grafted figs onto four different ficus species. Us8788718b2 us12193,018 us19301808a us8788718b2 us 8788718 b2 us8788718 b2 us 8788718b2 us 19301808 a us19301808 a us 19301808a us 8788718 b2 us8788718 b2 us 8788718b2 authority us united states prior art keywords cec hdmi network devices manipulating switch prior art date 20080527 legal status the legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion.

Fruits are borne in clusters on the trunk and branches, and are edible. This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed. Moraceae, peral, dried bark 7 ficus gibbosa blume moraceae, ithi, dried bark 8 ficus glomerata roxb. It is unusual in that its figs grow on or close to the tree trunk, termed cauliflory. The fruit is quite tasty and grows around villages, forest, wastelands, fields etc. Antibacterial and antifungal approaches of ficus racemosa. The dense, rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches of weeping fig made it quite popular as a landscape tree until recently.

Ficus species have one of the most complex pollination systems in which each ficus species needs a specific wasp species in order to pollinate its flowers, set fruits, and spread into new habitats. Cecidological and pharmacognostical study of ficus. Moraceae is a widely cultivated plant all over india. It has been reported to have many medicinal properties trivedi et al. Ficus racemosa vernacular name audumbar tree or umber tree is grown in maharashtra, temples of hindu. The sweetish fruit of the banyan is eaten in india in times of scarcity.

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