Bali rainy season months

So technically, november doesnt really fall into the most hectic of the rainy months, it does, however, become increasingly wetter as the month progresses. No matter what the season you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round. Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining, and even the most avid beach bum can find something to keep them occupied during a downpour. If you want to save money the best months are may, june, and october. Best time to visit indonesia weather by month climate. Java remains mostly dry in the dry season and temperatures usually remain hot pretty much all year round. April to october is the best time to visit bali, when there is little rain, low humidity, and lots of sun. The dry season in 2019 lasted until middecember, and bali even experienced an entire week of sun in january 2020.

Yes, i say fortunately with a little bit of sarcasm because the bali rainy season is far from fun. In general, bali and lombok have similar weather, though lombok is dried and receives less rain than bali. December is certainly one of the hotter and more humid months of the year. Unfortunately, thats also when the island becomes the most crowdedyou wont be the only one in search of surf, sand, and sun. February is also one of these months on bali where people come to enjoy a quiet time, hang out in. Climate information for bali weather averages, seasons. If you have the ability to travel to bali any time of year, the dry season is definitely the best. Fastboat and general maritime issues aside the wet raining season in bali and indonesia in general is not a period that should be dismissed it seems many people are either apprehensive or downright resistent to visiting bali and similar places during the rain season months. We recommend the months april to october as ideal travel period, whereby in the high season between june and august by the summer holidays in europe and winter holidays in australia quite high overnight accomodation prices are to be expected. Warm months draw tourists to bali, but the islands rainy season has its advantages, like cheap airfare, discounted accommodation, and a lack of tourists. In this article, we will delve deeper into which is the best time to visit bali, depending on whether you are looking for green rice fields, diving, surfing, or just having good weather during your trip. Most rain falls from december to february, but expect humidity to be high during all months of the season. We lived in bali for 18 months, and during that time we were fortunate to live through the rainy season in bali twice.

By the end of march, in fact, the rainy season is drawing to a close as things start to brighten up. Warm months draw tourists to bali, but the islands rainy season has its advantages, like cheap airfare, discounted accommodation, and a. Top destinations around the island will still have plenty of visitors however, fewer people will be competing for accommodation than in summer. The rainy season in bali falls between october and march every year. For some folks, the midseason months are the best for taking a trip to bali. Bali weather and temperatures best time to travel, rainy. In general, the best time to visit bali is during the dry season. The rainy season in bali whats the bali rainy season like. Winter is rainy in bali and considered the low season. The temperature is high, and, even though rainfall during these months is more of a heavy downpour, it only lasts for an hour or two, which gives you the rest of the day to enjoy your stay andor go out there, see the country with your own two eyes. Bali has a tropical climate appropriate to its proximity to the equator. Peak season for lombok is similar to bali during the dry season may through to september and around christmas and new year decemberjanuary. Thus, balinese weather is tropical to say the least reliably hot and sunny.

The wet season brings daily rain with the worst falling between december and february. There is a wet season but it can still be a fine time to visit bali. Mar 30, 2019 although there is no summer and winter, at least in comparison to the seasons we experience in europe or north america, there are two very different periods every year. As you can imagine, the dry season is the time when tourists pour onto the island in search of sun, fun and surf. These months typically have the highest temperatures and the least amount of rainfall, with the driest month being august. Best time to visit bali depends mainly on the weather and on high and low season. The dry season between the months of may september have also the lowest humidity.

May, june and july are generally considered to be the best time to travel to bali in terms of the weather. September is a transitional month in bali, as most tourists from the summer rush are heading home as the high season, dry season and peak seasons come to an end. Why you should visit bali during the rainy season pelan. January in bali will be start raining, rainer at the north and the center of bali, while in the south rain is lesser. Diving and snorkeling during the winter months is less ideal. The shoulder months before and after the high season particularly april, may, and. The rainy season in terms of tourism known as the low season the rainy or wet season runs from november. These are the peak months in thailand and countries north of indonesia that are celebrating their dry seasons before the heat really moves in. However, if you decide to visit one of the islands from the nusa tenggara region, the rainy season will welcome you with constant flooding and the dry season will torture you with droughts.

December usually has a fair amount of holiday season bookings. The rainy season in bali from december to march is the peak of the arrival of russian tourists. Best time to visit lombok indonesia almost landing bali. Surf bali in rainy season with less crowds rapture surfcamps. Bali weather is unpredictable at times, as for some months may not see any rain. Despite the name, the rainy season is actually still a pretty pleasant time of year to travel to bali, so you shouldnt let that discourage you. There is a short but interesting article here on the effects of climate change in bali. Weather in bali in november has the rainy season arrived. In other words, its from january to march and from october to november. High season is during the months of july and august, during easter holidays, and christmas new year december till 1st week of january. In fact, my most recent monthlong trip to bali was entirely in the rainy season. It is the last month of the rainy season while being considered as a changing or transitional season month. Many of the islands villas are built with flowing indooroutdoor living areas. The dry season in bali lasts from april to september.

Although a rainy beach vacation doesnt sound very appealing, there are still some sunny days to enjoy even during monsoon season. Is the island as bright and shiny when the monsoons take over. As a rule of thumb, october to december marks the beginning of the rainy season, january and february are the peak rainy season months and during march, the. Dec, 2018 travelling to ubud, bali during rains will open up new avenues to explore this place in a new way. December, january, and february are extra rainy and a little hotter. In the dry period, from april to october, the rainfall is below 100 mm 4 in per month, with a. Bali is one of the most popular places to visit with your friends and family. The core wet season in bali lasts from november to march, with october and april sometimes being included or along with may referred to as border months. This is when the island has the least rain, the most sun, and the lowest humidity. However, depending on whether the traveler is a surfer or explorer, preferences may change. Balis bugs in particular, mosquitos are the next thing to keep in the back of your mind. The island is at its driest during the summer months of june through to august, which is when most people choose to visit. If youre ok with hot and wet and want to avoid the crowds, you might want to check out bali outside of the socalled summer months of the dry season.

Best way to gili islands in rainy season bali forum. February is interesting because balinese are preparing for nyepi. However, during the monsoon period, the island literally blossoms. December, january, and february are the rainiest months for visiting bali.

September and october are also pretty great, but they are slightly more rainy and humid. During this period the island can be reached large crowds of tourists, and higher prices begins in early may, as soon as it becomes dry, but still relatively cool. Bali has good weather during the dry season of april to october. Dec 29, 2009 i am living in the north of bali, near lovina. The best months to visit bali for good weather, beaches, nightlife, surfing. The rainy season in bali usually occurs from october to april, but the tropical seasons arent always clear cut. Bali is actually one of the best islands to visit if you are travelling in the rainy season. Bali weather and temperatures best time to travel, rainy season and. Some years this is particularly true and it can rain for months.

It has a tropical climate, hot all year round, with a rainy season from november to march. Between the months of june and september there is a higher chance of rainfall and strong winds can be expected. Even though its a transitional month, september still has very mild, comfortable days with lots of sun, even though humidity levels are on the increase. The rainy season is often referred to as offseason because it is not during the peak travel months. The best time to visit bali 2020 month by month breakdown. July, august and september are particularly busy months as the humidity is low and the rainfall minimal, making for a comfortable albeit more expensive time to holiday in bali. The monsoon usually passes through bali from the end of october to april. Its rainy season lasts from november to march, with most of the rain falling in the late afternoon. Travelling during the peak season often means more expense and more people, so take this into consideration. Nov 22, 2012 surfing bali in rainy season is loads of fun too. The question of the best travel season in bali is largely determined by the rainy season described above.

It is definitely not like clockwork and can fluctuate a few months in either direction or skip completely only to bring lots of rain during the months of june to august, but when rainy season does hit, people take notice. Year round temperatures averaging 31 degrees celsius. During the dry season, may to october, the western side of the peninsula creates some of the worlds best waves. Every year in bali, usually somewhere in the months between december and april, rainy season hits. The dry season in terms of tourism known as the high season the dry season takes place during the months of april to october. During the rains, there might be a little less number of tourists which means youll get more freedom and space to explore ubud. The winds switch from west to east and a hugh array of east coast breaks come into play. High humidity can be expected during the wet season between the months of october april. The wet bali weather around these months also sees residents having their umbrellas and ponchos at hand.

Some areas see quick hit or miss rain during the day, and the sun returns. Bali plays host to mosquitos all year round, but the rainy seasons humidity brings an influx of the little insects. The wet season brings daily rain and fairly overcast days, with the most rain recorded between december february. Mar 22, 2019 as you might know, bali has two main distinctive seasons. But the bali rainy season also has a lot to offer and at a lower cost.

In addition, we ll see what the average temperature of bali by month is, when the rainy season in bali is, and what is considered the high season in bali. The rainy season is supposedly late starting this year and for the past couple of days it has been raining quite a bit. Balis rainy season varies in severity between the months, but even in the wettest months, showers rarely last more than a few hours. Though still considered rainy season, march is much more of a mix when it comes to the weather. Being in the tropics, bali experiences two seasons in a year the wet or rainy and dry season. Every year in bali, usually somewhere in the months between november and march, rainy season hits. The low season in bali, in terms of hotel bookings, is roughly the first and last quarters. During the rain season, bali will looks like cloudy and and windy at the certain months.

Geger can be a fun trip, get a boat out the back, but be ready for some paddling, the currents are often strong. The best time to visit bali is generally during the summer months of june, july, and august when the weather is driest and the days are sunny. Visiting bali in the rainy season happy yoga travels. Balis tropical monsoon climate has two distinct seasons. Jan 21, 2015 travelling during the peak season often means more expense and more people, so take this into consideration. When is rainy season in bali weather and temperature id bali.

The actual words rainyseason also scare away some of the crowds too, however, december remains quite busy. Most rain falls from december to february, but expect humidity to be high during all months. Jan 23, 2018 should you come to bali during the rainy season. Is it worth visiting ubud, bali during rainy season. The best time to travel here is between april and october. The wettest months to visit bali are from november to march. The rainy season in terms of tourism known as the low season the. The branding of rainy season as offseason is a bit misleading, however. Six tips for enjoying a rainy day in bali lonely planet.

Lovina is quite dry compared with southern bali and is described as a subtropical region. Occasionally there are also very strong windstorms. The best and driest months in bali are mayseptember. Usually the rainy season will have started by december, but nothing is certain. With fewer people visiting during the wet months, youll have a better chance for scoring deals on accommodation. Balis dry season occurs between the months of may and september and is the busiest time of year for tourism on the island. Cloudy days with interspersed sunshine mean less rain and more chance of a glorious bluesky day. The worldfamous bali is bright, shiny and lovely allyearround, and that is exactly what makes it so attractive to international tourists. The dry season in 2019 lasted until middecember, and bali. But the rainiest months in bali are end of november through the end of february. It looks and feels like heaven on earth, but what about the rainy season in bali. Wear lightweight clothing as windy conditions are expected. Here is the details monthly weather for rainy season in bali.

In reality, the weather during the rainy season is much more changeable but not necessarily wetter. February is still rainy season on bali and although you will have days at the pool and at the beach, overall one can and should expect rainfall. Most of the year, though, is the rainy season, from october to april roughly. Despite the rain and slightly hotter temperatures in december, bali still. Oct 26, 2019 april to october is the best time to visit bali, when there is little rain, low humidity, and lots of sun. It is especially true for those who appreciate the chill, lazy and laidback feeling you get this time of the year.

On average it rains almost daily throughout the month. While many people from the states want to visit in our winter, thats actually the wettest time to come to bali. Best time to visit bali depends mainly on the weather and on high and low season, which does affect the overall price for accommodation. But if your trip falls during those dates, dont worry. Indonesias rainy season indonesia lonely planet forum. Balis rains fall from october to march, with december to february being the greyest, wettest months. Best time to visit bali updated for 2020 santorini dave. As you might know, bali has two main distinctive seasons. Rainy season across the islands of raja ampat rather confusingly differs from the rest of indonesia. Balis rainy season runs from october to april, with the wettest months being december and january.

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