Iphone 3g no wifi repair for iphone

According to readwriteweb, iphone and ipad users are reporting wifi connectivity issues after upgrading ios 4. Among many reasons the following reasons may occur the problem. Soooo i tried the last thing on the list even if it sounded silly. It says in settings where i should be able to enable wifi no wifi in grey color. Do you experience one or more of the iphone wifi connection problems listed below. But maybe you will find a good repair shop in your area who is able to fix it for you. The 8 gb iphone 3g is completely black front and back with silver side buttons, while the 16 gb version offers a choice of black or white. The iphone 3gs has a black or white back, silver bezel and a black front. I read your solution, however, i have no idea what the ibrickr is and where to find it. In this article, ill show you what to do when iphone cellular data is. The iphone 3g, codenamed n82 and model number iphone1,2, had the same 3. Wifi antenna repair iphone 5 how to tutorial youtube. How to repair iphone wifi in the oven or, how to reflow the pcb. Contrary to popular belief this is repairable and we can fix it.

This is definitely a hardware issue usually a combination of a defective or corrupted read more. Unfortunately wifi, 3g 4g or other problems often prevent a smartphone from getting online. One cause seems to be software updates, just as it was with the iphone 4s. If you see no service or searching on your iphone or ipad apple. Is there an alternative way to fix the problem rather than replace the wifi hardware.

Mar 19, 2020 how to fix no service on iphone after ios update. Like the global iphone 3g, the iphone 3g chinano wifi combines mobile phone, ipod, and internet capability as well as gps functionality. How to fix cellular data not working on iphone and ipad. Some problems you may be having are weak signal, intermittent signal, or frequent drops from your connection. My iphone is not showing the wifi icon apple community.

In this onehowto article we explain how to check if your iphone 4 wifi antenna has a problem and how to fix it if following this stepbystep guide does not solve your problem, at least you have eliminated one possible cause of the poor wifi coverage on your iphone. The chinaonly iphone 3gs also was available with a variety of china unicom contract plans at lower price points. My problem is that it wont connect to wifi at my house, however it seems to work at anywhere else hotspots, friends houses, etc. How to restore iphone without wifi iphone xiphone 8. Dec 15, 2010 we repair all iphone models 3g, 3gs, iphone4. If youve got an iphone 3g or iphone 3gs that youre just not ready to part with yet, weve got a tonsof diy repair guides to help you keep it in the best condition possible. I dropped my iphone 4s in the pool and kept it in rice for a few days and now everything is working again except it cant find service so i cant call or text anyone without an iphone.

In most cases, you can fix an iphone that wont connect to a wifi network after some simple troubleshooting steps. Seems the solder joint has been activated wifi the whole time. Free audio jack repair replacement or restoration of the headphoneaudio jack. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos. In terms of repairability, the iphone 3g is not too bad. This kind of issue is in the group of common ones and it bothered the owners of previous iphone models.

I saw the no wifi, i thought, oh, must be a bug, ill just check my baseband downgrade then reboot. So im guessing that means they will repair the 3g and 3gs. Now it will take so long for apple to repair theses issues on next software update plus they currently busy with the. Back casing replacement for used, scratched, or chipped back plastic, in black or white. With others who are willing to ruin your iphone, this is your chance. In this tutorial iphone repair miami beach will show you step by step how to replace wifi antenna on iphone 5. Dec 05, 2008 several users have reported an issue in which the iphone 3g fails to find and or connect to otherwise valid wifi networks. Jun 24, 2015 the software changes came as part of iphone os 2. If you see no service on iphone 8 or iphone 8 plus, try the solutions listed below. If youre having problems with the connectivity via wifi then this is the repair for you. No cellular reception, wifi just fine iphone 6 plus ifixit.

But like most other tools, it comes with its share of problems as well. Cellular data is not working on your iphone and you arent sure why. It is in emergency mode so please give me a solution if there is it happened when i am tried to update the from ios 4. Water condensation visible between glass and lcd screen.

No imei, no bluetooth and no wifi on iphone 3g or 3gs is. To fix this iphone wifi not working problem and use uninterrupted internet on the iphone, follow the few steps as explained below. The about section of the iphone was like a graveyard, everything was greyed or blank, short of model number. The iphone 3g was the first iphone to include 3g web surfing capabilities. Oven fix reflowing the pcb also works on ipod touch. How to replace the earpiece speaker in an iphone 3g 3gs. Its always a good idea with any upgrade that you forget the network on the iphone switch off wifi then power off the iphone menu and power button held on together until the apple logo. Top 5 iphone wifi not working problems and how to fix them. Typically, you have wifi problems whether youre at home, school, work or a library. Ive read all the problem solving links in this thread but all to no avail.

How to fix weak or no signal on your iphone 3g in apple device on 29042010 at 5. I switched on airplane mode and when i switched it off my wifi and bluetooth wont work. Cellular data allows you to surf the web, send imessages, and much more even when your iphone isnt connected to wifi. Please follow your apple repair guide to have your iphone fixed. Has the wifi symbol disappeared off your screen and has been replaced by a 3g4g icon. The problem, which mainly affected the iphone 4s, caused the setting to turnon wifi to appear greyed out or dim. I was able to use it for 2 mins call then all the sudden, signal drops out to no service. Some users complained about the issue after they upgraded their devices to ios 9. And when youre ready to upgrade, early generation iphones are great to pass down to kids or other family members. White colored models only are available at an apple store. Ive reset the network settings, did a hard reset on the phone, did a reset all settings and also did a reset erase all content and settings and nothing helped. How to fix iphone no service after jailbreak technobezz.

Aug 10, 2010 how to repair iphone wifi in the oven or, how to reflow the pcb. The cellular radio, however, received a significant update to support 3g umtshspa networks. I have received loads of emails and comments related to problems with wifi, youtube and gps not working when jailbreaking iphone 3g 3gs with blackra1n rc3, and unlocking with blacksn0w on iphone 3. In most cases, all you need to do is wait for a while and give your device some time to. If the wifi is grayed out within ios settings, then youll need a to order a logic board repair here. Why is wifi greyed out and disabled after ios update on. If you see no service or searching on your iphone or ipad. Your phone should never leave your sight in simple repairs, such as lcdscreen replacements, change of buttons, replacing the home flex, audio flex, dock flex, battery change etc. Check out the many ways you can fix an iphone that cant connect to wifi and get back to highspeed internet access. How to replace the vibrator assembly in an iphone 3g 3gs.

Well diagnose and check all common faults before proceeding to change the wifi antenna or wifi flex. My iphone wont connect to wifi with no apparent reason, how can i fix this. Now reading this post to get to know how to restore iphone without wifi and without overwiting the other data. This step by step guide and tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iphone 3g 4. Some parts are more difficult to repair than others. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more v. Jan 20, 2020 you may notice no service message on your iphone, and if thats the case you wont be able to make calls, send messages or use mobile data. My iphone is not showing the wifi symbol at the top of the screen, but the 3g symbol. Here is what works and what i tried to resolve the problem.

Repair of this device is similar to the 3g, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Repairs or replacements are available, depending on the diagnosis results. Mar 18, 2020 back in 20, apples support forums were inundated with users complaining that they could no longer activate wifi on their apple device. This movie is for showing an example of what the computer room nottingham can do for any issues you may have with computers, iphones and ipods. Well apple just marked the original 2g 1st generation iphone as vintage meaning they wouldnt repair it unless your in ca which apparently has different state laws. I bought an iphone 7 in december last year, everything has been fine until yesterday. Jun 19, 2012 in this tutorial we will show you step by step how to replace wifi antenna on iphone 3g and 3gs. Nov 05, 2009 when i tried to get a new version of my iphone 3gs i forgot to remove sim card from my iphone than i got that issue with in no wifi greyed. I have no idea what the problem can be, but its not the antenna and not the wifi chip. How to fix the iphone 4s wifi problems after ios 7 update. Revamped version of the iphone 3g with faster processing speeds. The iphone 3g is a smartphone designed and marketed by apple inc it is the second generation of iphone, successor to the original iphone, and was introduced on june 9, 2008, at the wwdc 2008 at the moscone center in san francisco, united states. My wifi became unusable after upgrading to the above firmware, my iphone still had a wifi address and the wifi in was not greyed out.

Another of the many common problems of iphone users faced is wifi connectivity. In other cases, more advanced techniques are needed. My new blackberry handset immediately found my wifi and. My iphone is on a 3g plan and i dont want to use up all of my data, i dont use data in a wifi zone and my home wifi wont let me connect for some odd reason.

Model a3 16 or 32 gb capacity black or white plastic back. As rww points out, when ipad 1 was launched last year, users had reported similar wifi connectivity issues but this time it looks like it is also affecting iphone users. I got an defective iphone 6 plus and want to try and repair it myself. How to fix no service on iphone the easy way technobezz. In most cases, all you need to do is wait for a while and give your device some time to settle after the update. In my experience, a grayedout wifi button usually indicates a hardware problem with the wifi antenna on your iphone. Diagnostics professional inspection of the hardware and software.

A further diagnosis is needed to assess the level of the problem. The iphone 3gs was the first iphone to include video recording capabilities. How to fix an iphone 3g that wont connect to wifi quora. How to fix iphone or ipad wifi connectivity issues after. In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to replace wifi antenna on iphone 3g and 3gs. Fix blacksn0w wifi youtube gps problem on iphone 3.

If this occurs, the wifi option in the iphone 4s is unavailable, so when 4s owners tap the settings wifi, trying to turn on the wifi, the iphone 4s fails to respond. Since this problem first emerged, other iphone models have reportedly had the same problem, including the iphone 5, iphone 6, iphone 7, iphone 8, and iphone x ranges, and two potential causes have been highlighted by users. According to some reports, the annoying wifi problem for the iphone 4s may be caused by the ios 7. No sim card installed error in iphone 3g ask different. Sometimes, no service on iphone may appear after ios update. All it says is searching when you turn wifi on with a 3g enabled iphone, does your phone stop using 3g. If your iphone 4 does not connect well with wireless networks, you may have a problem with your antenna. Get the best deals on iphone 3g unlocked ios when you. Hi guys, i posted on this matter befor but im going to start an thread on my own for better visibillity. Settings shows that there is a connection to my wifi router. No sim card installed insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iphone. An iphone without the internet is an ipod and that isnt what we signed up for.

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