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Happy thoughts powered paragliding free flight with. Simply attach the rear shackles to the carabiner loops on the harness and youre ready to go. Tandem paramotor trike is a customized trike designed for flights with a passenger. Thanks to that from the single trike we can construct the tandem by connecting another front with safety cage. Without the need of tools, the light trike is quickly assembled with pushpins and other quick fastener systems. Feb 04, 2009 paramotor trike tandem flying made easy with the s trike. Made of sturdy stainless steel with double sewn nylon straps, this tandem bar will withstand years of rigorous use. It is construed for paramotoring pilots seeking a trike glider in order to share flying with others.

The all new blackhawk lite trike is everything you would expect from blackhawkunmatched durability, ultralightweight, and performance like no other. Our test pilots, engineers, production, and customer. Alex world champion in 2014, 2016 and 2018, french champion in 2010, 2012 to 2014, 2016 to 2019 coralie w orld champion in 2014, french champion in 2009, 2010, 2012 to 2014. The first things a spyder pilot will notice is better inflation and launch characteristics, and significantly more agile and precise handling. The dual is a both dgacenb rated versatile tandem paramotor wing, designed by bruce to maximise the fun. I have learned a lot about hang points, torque compensation, aassists, etc.

Paramotor trikes, powered paragliding trikes american. Ordered a new macpara glider and i was kept informed throughout the entire process. Naturally with that big of an engine and prop the trike will be wheel launch only. It was almost two years ago when i finished my license for tandem paramotor and i started to think to build my own trike i did some flights togheter with my brother and my wife before, without a trike but the take off was very difficult without perfect wind conditions. An aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. The light trike is entirely built in stainless steel and welded using the tig method to give better strength whilst keeping the structure as light as possible to permit easy take offs with a tandem paramotor unit. Sonny even checked in after delivery to make sure the glider was delivered without any issues. This listing is for the airone unique tandem ppg trike and impuls vittorazi moster plus 185cc paramotor. The weight of the complete paramotor with our pap harness with airbag is 21. Couple this super leightweight trike with the reliable top 80 engine, and you have a very nice soaring trike. My first experience with the skybolt was when jeff showed up our local flying site near joliet, il, the paradrome. Macfly paramotors manufacturer titanium chassis jean mateos. Paramotor package deals everything you need to fly.

Tfighter is a motor paraglider for doubleseated trikes 110 340kg. The trikebuggy minibullet is specifically made for the lighter motors and pilots. Scout trike trikeaerochute paramotor wing scout trike is a new generation of trike and aerochute wings from sky country. Ppg trikes or quads are not covered by product liability insurance, nor have they been designed manufactured or tested to any federal or state government airworthiness standards or regulations. The spark is the ideal choice for your first paramotor flights. Paragliding courses from happy thoughts powered paragliding. This all new design includes significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the areas of launch, landing, and inflight agility. For trikes, the wing can be launched easily and cleanly without the use of the a. Tandem fork kit to use the trike also in twoseat version 16 liters. From its 15,000 square feet factory in grottammare italy, fly products develops the most beautiful, reliable and high quality line of paramotors and trikes. The charger trike is a big sized edition of our successful powered glider. Although for tandem flights 2 people, its best for the passenger to weight 200 pounds or less. Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. With our cnced aluminum clamps you can turn your paramotor into a trike or quad.

Paraddix is the canadian online store dedicated to the addictions of the paramotor and paraglider pilots. The airparamo grazhopper trike can be easily and comfortably flown and transformed into single and tandem versions in a few minutes time. A place to talk about the building flying, training and development of paramotor powered trikes and quads. This is one of the lightest and strongest ppg trike on the market. The spyder 3 is designed for pilots of all abilities, from newly qualified to advanced. The air trike is the latest most advanced paramotor trike on the market. Paramotor trike tandem powered paragliding strike is the. Tandem and trike ppg flying is exciting and fun, but is vastly easier and more. This group is about anything related to ppg trikes and quads. And the configuration from one to the other is simple. This is a major improvement for our rolling trike tandem kit. Airone unique tandem ppg trike now, theres room for two unique is the new light trike model, whose design allows for extending it. It is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a tandem trike quad.

You get all of the same features any other paramotors on the market, but with a significant discount. Paramotor trike with rotax 582 engine and apco wing. Airone ppg trikes solid, unique and tandem moderls for. I have the complete harness and i managed to download a manual and. Jean mateos discovered paragliding in 1990 and paramotoring in 1994, and became an instructor in 2003. Paramotor trikes, powered paragliding trikes american paragliding. Paramotor central can offer direct from the factory prices, because we work there. The pasha 5 is proven hybrid tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities.

This design is for the paraglider version only and is faa part 103 legal as an ultralight vehicle or aircraft. A discovery flight with a paramotor instructor is an excellent way to get a good understanding of what it is like to fly a paramotor. Flypod paramotor trike, best selling trike on the market for powered paragliding, come with free training in all 50 states. The magmax 2 is designed for professional tandem pilots. Characteristics made of titanium matt microbead finish it is equipped with three 40095 100 wheels with stainless steel bearings.

Rock solid in the flight, easiest launching and safety. We firmly believe that every pilot will have specific desires and needs out of their equipment that no one brand can satisfy. Full course syllabus you are all in youve done your research and are ready to commit to our full course so you can start flying solo. Fly products paramotor and trike owners are proud pilots who know they have chosen a true aircraft backed up with the unbeatable customer service that paramotorus offers to its clientele. Magmax 2 is designed primarily for foot launched tandem paramotoring but can also be used with lightweight trike units. Ppg flying is a dangerous sport and may result in injury and death even when practiced by a competent pilot using proper equipment.

Ppg requires more strength than free flight paragliding, and now the trike offers your wife or girlfriend the opportunity to join you in the sky without having to become a female bodybuilder. This is the most realistic and practical flying car ever devised. This trike is aimed at those who want to make the paramotor flight a truly. To learn to fly a paramotor we believe that there are no shortcuts. Like its chassis range and cage paramotor, team kangook offers a wide range of truck that is suitable for all driver types, the occasional driver to professional. Nova pilots team blog building my paramotor tandem trike. If you are in the market for a paramotor platform, look no further. This is just one reason why we believe you will be 100% satisfied with our adaptive paramotor frames.

Trike trainer, classroom, simulator, demo equipment, kiting harnesses, helmets, and much, much more. It isnt as easy as guys like tucker gott and anthony vella make it look on youtube. Paramotor trike tandem powered paragliding strike is. With his instructor experience and competitor, jean mateos has been preparing the machines for his children. Paraglider paramotor paramotor trikes trikes harness paramotor propeller propeller air conception aircraft engine. With 3 easy steps and just 5 minutes of your time, you can go from backpack to wheels. Aug 11, 2018 retracta trike something really exciting, ive been introduced to the best paramotor trike for a fat pilot. Best paramotor trike for a fat pilot retracta trike youtube. Its a revolutionary new paramotor that changes the landscape of paramotoring for. The charger trike is the ultimate pilot friendly paramotor wing, both in the sky and on the ground. We have customers call frequently and ask what the difference is between quads vs. Producing the safest, most powerful and reliable paramotors in the world since 1998.

Powered paragliding with a trike has never been this good. Our deluxe tandem trike package includes the flash trike convertable from solo to tandem, a fly products simonini gold paramotor, a tandem paraglider wing and a solo paraglider wing, harnesses for two, helmets for two, helmet bags, prop covers, drawstring cinch sacks, 2cycle engine oil and mixing bottle, plus all of the instruction to take. Peak to peak paragliding is a school and an online store based out of beautiful boulder, colorado. Flying motorcycle trike, the dream of a flying car is realized. It is an ideal choice for professional trike pilots. The greatest part is it will work on just about any paramotor frame. Paramotor trike tandem flying made easy with the strike. Find the ideal product that will take you on your next paramotor adventure today. At lone star paramotor, we are proud to offer a variety of quality equipment that is well maintained for student use in the beginner level training courses. Paramotor and powered paragliding trikes uturn usa. The risers also feature tip steering system and adjustable brake pulleys so the height can be set to make it compatible with any type of power unit. Appi ppg tandem pilots who let their membership lapse will need to be reassessed by an appi ppg tandem instructor. Our miniplaneusa stainless steel paramotor tandem bar is the best way to do effortless tandems.

Another great wing that works well with this combination is the wills wing falcon tandem hang glider. Paramotors apco play 42 mk ii tandem wing manufacturer from. I flew it and found that it felt completely normal which, to me then, was a sky cruiser which itself was like the miniplane. During the flight, the student passenger can steer the paraglider if desired. Blackhawk paramotor lite trike blackhawk paramotor usa store. Www your number one resource for powered paragliding in the usa. Skycruiser manufacturing inc trike,quad accessories. The entire lite trike breaks down small enough to fit into a standard car, so no need for expensive trailers or a truck. Fresh breeze xone trike hyper thorix sell new fresh breeze xone trike hyper thorix. Main demand of professional pilots was simplicity of start and landing and only then control and speed. The largest selection of trikes and quads anywhere skycruiser manufacturing inc since 1996 largest manufacture of ppg equipment made in the united states we offer many other products check it out from motor parts to windsocks 4 stroke options available. The characteristics of this trike are a simplicity in assemblage, light weight, compactness, quick and easy application of the paramotor onto the trike, low center of gravity, quality materials and construction, and easy transportation in even a small car. For over 20 years fly products has been in the business of advancing paramotor design and performance. The paragliding refresher course is ideal for anyone who has been out of the air for a while and would like some guidance to get back into the air with confidence or a pilot that just wants to hone in on some techniques that need some work.

Buying a first wing should be a decision made with guidance. The charger trike inflates easily and cleanly without the use of the a risers. Proper training and responsible flying is imperative. As with all blackhawk products, the new lite trike was designed with extreme attention to every little detail. Discover the mini trike and the tandem trike intended for the pilots who are looking for an irreproachable quality of manufacture, a comfort top for solo or 2 flights. The quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. We are improving that tradition by offering several packages to fit any pilots needs and skill level. You must be a certified tandem pilot in order to purchase this product from us. It is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a. The flash cruiser is the evolution of its predecessor. I have the complete harness and i managed to download a manual and figured out how to attach the motor to the trike, she rides nice, has 7.

You turn your head, catching a glimpse of something over the next hill, and suddenly youre following the blue current down a wild roaming river. Pilots who used scaners of previous generations wanted to increase flight characteristics. The smarter way to buy, sell and learn about powered paragliding we are instructors, pilots and paramotor mechanics that network and fly with hund reds of pilots every month. Miniplane paramotor, miniplane powered paraglider, top 80. People sometimes see powered paragliding as either foot launching or using wheels. Exceptional correspondence from sonny at paramotor depot. Powered paraglider paramotor tandem endorsement high. We sell only the highest quality paragliding gear from all the best brands, such as gin, advance, nova, and supair, and more. Peguet safety pin with a stretch fabric protection and velcro straps. Made in the usa, and priced competitively, this is the trike.

The huge difference between the air trike and other paramotor trikes on the market is safety, light weight, durability, ease of breakdown and stability. Based on the magnum series, the worlds bestselling tandem wing, with special features specific to powered flight. The kona ppg risers feature a smooth trim system for comfortable high speed cruising when flying under power and a foot operated accelerator system to reach top speeds and when free flying. It is a dedicated paramotor wing with a full reflex profile. One day intro to ppg to determine if this sport is for you. Tandem trike deluxe paramotoring and powered paragliding. Pap paramotor with tinox frame, steel in the main body and titanium in the rings. Full course all in youve done your research and are ready to commit to our full course syllabus and start phase i to flying solo. This glider is very stable, predictable and responsive and just feels comfortable in just about every soaring situation. I have been researching for a diy paramotor trike build powered by my kawasaki 440a with a magnum redrive and 70 prop. Paramotoring trikes simply roll into flight, allowing a pilot to launch easily with their paraglider when there is no wind the most.

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